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Opportunity in Unlikely Places (EP 3)

About this Episode In this episode, listeners are presented with perspectives related to the ever-shifting mobility industry and specifically learn about the disruption being caused by new power train technology like battery electric.  Robi Mitra discusses how Bollinger Motors, the start-up making off-road electric trucks, continues to transform and gain access to critical capabilities to […]

Learn from the Best & Disrupt Death (EP2)

About this Episode During this episode, listeners will hear about the importance of building a virtual advisory board that can support individuals as they shape and grow their careers. Partnering in conversation with Gregg Garrett, host of You, Me, and Your Top Three, Patrick Falle shares details on his background, the importance of those on […]

Leaning In to Survive Industry Disruption (EP1)

About this Episode From a geography degree to the head of corporate strategy, Dr. Warren Ritchie gives audiences a glimpse into his humble beginnings and vast array of experiences that led him on a storied career. Mentor and friend to show host, Gregg Garrett, for close to 20 years and co-author of Competing in the […]

You’re Known By the Company You Keep (EP0)

About this Episode Welcome to the first episode of You, Me, and Your Top Three with your host, Gregg Garrett.  During this episode, you will hear about the overall vision of the podcast, what you can expect to learn from tuning in, Gregg’s background and what motivated him to want to enter the podcasting world. […]