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Growth Strategy

Making the Future – Is it Time for a New “Moores Law”?

Making the Future – Is it Time for a New “Moores Law”?

For the longest time, many in the technology community were fixated on processor speed and number of transistors on a chip along with the ever declining cost to deliver that capability. This has held up as a critical yardstick to measure our progress and technology prowess. If this was the only metric, we have been […]

Making the Future During a Crisis

Making the Future During a Crisis

While no one knows with any certainty when this episode of COVID-19 will abate and what the world will look like when we get to the other side, I do feel confident in writing that whatever your day to day environment was and your experiences were, they will forever be changed. Just looking through the lens of work […]

11 Countries, 5 Continents, 35 Days – Connecting Across the World

In just over a month, Competing in the Connecting World has been read by current and future leaders all over the world.  The publisher has indicated sales in the United States and Canada as well as Germany, the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.   We are certainly humbled by the support and […]

Will a Connected Fund Pivot Firms?

As connectivity changes business and market paradigms new and established firms need to innovate and navigate their businesses through this new market force.  This innovation can be an intra-firm activity fueled by R&D and employee ideation or it can become an inter-firm activity where cross-industry consortiums and venture capital are used to navigate this new […]

What’s Not in Connected Strategies?

As products are becoming more connected there’s a tendency for firms to narrowly focus their product architectures and connected strategies on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Yet, firms are missing a key view: the customer experience. Our position is that M2M isn’t about machine-to-machine communications – it’s about redefining a business, an industry, and a customer’s way […]