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Tags: Top3

Purposeful Intimidation – EP 133

PURPOSEFUL INTIMIDATION | Join Gregg Garrett, host and CGS Advisors CEO, during this solocast as he challenges you to surround yourself with others who intimidate you. It takes bravery to tackle those intimidating and unknown moments and celebrate the rush that intimidation brings. About Gregg Garrett Greggory R. Garrett is the CEO and Managing Director […]

Finding Your Passion (wsg Dane Mathews) – EP 122

Finding Your Passion | Dane Mathews, Vice President of Precision Marketing at Conagra Brands, joins host Gregg Garrett for a discussion on transforming organizations and brands. Of course, Dane shares his Top Three who include his wife and children who have been core to establishing a professional shift in his approach, a former Amazon executive […]


During this episode, we speak with John Rossman, a former executive at Amazon, who was responsible for building one of its largest and most successful business units – Amazon Marketplace. John discusses the mindset that leaders at Amazon have that allows them to constantly innovate and transform as they disrupt markets. He gives specific hints […]