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Tags: TBT

Throwback Thursday: Pimp my Drive

Just “yesterday” automotive enthusiasts were pin striping, adding chrome, and adding lift kits to ensure everyone understood their “style”. Many remember this era as the heyday of personalization for the automotive industry. They ain’t seen nothing yet! A Glimpse of Tomorrow (not years from now)… “Good Morning Driver, You are about to pick up Mr. […]

Throwback Thursday: Cardboard…Packaging an Experience

Today, Volvo announced that they will be using Google Cardboard as part of their new vehicle launch campaign (https://www.media.volvocars.com/us/en-us/media/pressreleases/154381/volvo-is-first-automotive-brand-to-use-google-cardboard). Regardless of the specific Volvo implementation, we see this as great news. It has the potential to take a “connected experience” to the masses. The campaign has some room to grow, of course. Some ideas that […]

Throwback Thursday: Idea Spawning

Enterprise innovation leaders and entrepreneurs recognize some of the best ideas are created as derivatives of other ideas. We refer to this as “Idea Spawning”.   Similar to upstarts “pivoting” several times prior to locking in on an offering or business model that the market can appreciate, ideas often need refinement to find their real value. […]