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Tags: Marketing

Building Digital Opportunities (wsg DeLu Jackson) – EP 111

Looking backward to lead forward: DeLu Jackson, vice president of precision marketing for Conagra Brands, joins host Gregg Garrett for a discussion on precision marketing being the new frontier at Conagra. He of course shares his Top Three who include a childhood role models who gave him his model for mentorship, his wife who reminds […]

Taking Blame (wsg Paul Tedesco) – EP 88

In this episode, Gregg speaks with Paul Tedesco, Managing Director CRM & Digital at TrackDDB, a digital marketing agency in Canada. Paul discusses how he got to where he is in the industry and his predictions of where marketing will go over the next 5 years. Of course, Paul shares his Top 3 which includes […]

Being the Stage Manager (wsg Roy Sexton) – EP 67

During this episode, You Me and Your Top Three host, Gregg Garrett, speaks with Roy Sexton, director of marketing at Clark Hill. He discusses the changing landscape of the legal industry and provides hints on how to deploy effective digital marketing efforts as well as how to breakdown barriers through social media. Additionally, he shares […]