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IT Transformation


The variety of challenges technology leaders face oftentimes feel insurmountable. From business executives who lack an understanding of how tech works to those who view IT as merely a cost center to the need to digitalize business operations to effectively compete in your industry, the pressure on IT to rapidly deliver value with innovative technology solutions is never-ending.

Yet, many IT organizations are built to deliver traditional IT services and haven’t transformed to the new reality. Some may have made past attempts to explore modern delivery techniques, but many times they are too narrow in scope to transform the IT function in a meaningful way. And we’d venture to say knowing the destination and explaining the value is not the primary issue you face…

The fundamental challenge is how to identify and build the necessary capabilities to be successful in the new reality while ensuring existing operations and projects do not falter.


IT Capability Maturity

Conducted a detailed assessment to evaluate the capability maturity of a Global IT organization and partnered with the recently appointed CIO to develop a plan of action to rapidly mature the IT function and establish credibility with the executive leadership team.

Organizational Restructuring

Redesigned a highly matrixed global IT organization to clarify roles and responsibilities, establish Centers of Excellence, and tightly align with business units to enable the business strategy.

Enable IT Digitalization

Developed and launched a comprehensive program to transform a highly outsourced and traditionally operating regional IT function to build critical tech capabilities to support the firm’s digitalization strategy.

Program Management & Coaching

Educated and coached client technology leadership team to embrace and implement modern development practices (DevOps, Agile) to build speed and agility in the delivery of IT solutions and services.

Technology Enablement

Spearheaded a client project to design, develop, and pilot a tablet-based application to function the retail sales process within Automotive dealership.

For more on our recent experience in transforming technological infrastructure, read the Transforming Technological Infrastructure in the Midst of a Crisis report.


CGS Advisors has extensive experience in helping firms design and execute strategic programs to transform the IT function to build the necessary capabilities to support the digitalization of their business. As former CIOs, CTOs and technology leaders, many of our team members have sat in your seat and faced many of the same challenges as you. We are passionate about sharing our experience and helping other brave IT leaders achieve success.

Regardless of where you may be on your digitalization journey, CGS can help you envision and develop a unique and innovative solution to successfully transform your IT organization.

Often times when we work with clients on an IT transformation program, our services fall into one of the following categories:

Leveraging industry standards and propriety frameworks to assess the current level of capability maturity of your IT function, we utilize an interview-based approach to provide an unbiased view of your current IT capability maturity. Additionally, you will receive targeted recommendations for improvement and an executive summary presentation for communicating within and outside your IT organization.

Based on current levels of strategic maturity and desired outcomes, we design bespoke engagements to support clients in developing or refining their IT Functional Strategy. Identifying and defining organizational goals/ objectives, strategic sourcing concepts, and redesigning the IT operating model are just some of the core activities we use to help you describe the nuances of your destination and build your storyline to obtain buy-in to fund the journey.

Defining a methodical and value-based roadmap to enable your strategy is the ‘secret sauce’ to a successful IT transformation effort. By focusing on a step-by-step plan to build critical capabilities, overcoming organizational inertia, creating the right organizational culture and ensuring you have the right team, we help define your secret sauce of success.

From educating your leadership team on the basics and value of DevOps to designing a comprehensive plan to implement DevOps practices throughout your entire IT organization, we can support you at any point on your DevOps journey. We specialize in helping design a practical implementation approach to fit your firm’s appetite for change, tolerance for risk and willingness to invest.

Don’t expect us to provide a ‘run of the mill’ project manager to help make sure tasks are tracked and completed. Our Executive Program Management services are a combination of advisory services, coaching and program oversight to directly support and ensure success of your transformation program.


CGS is well versed in helping technology leaders envision, design and implement IT transformation programs to increase the speed and agility of their IT organization. We help brave leaders build high-performing tech teams that make a real difference in achieving business strategies.

If you are looking for a team of passionate, experienced and highly motivated individuals to partner with on your transformation journey, contact us