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Innovation is at the heart of today’s global competition. It is considered the most important corporate asset by more than 3/4 of C-level executives.

No matter if the company is an upstart and an innovation IS the company, or a Fortune 50 firm where innovation defines long-term survival, the basics of innovation remain the same. However, many companies struggle with introducing or deriving value from their innovation efforts. We have bucketed our Innovation Services into 3 broad categories based on our experience of running innovation programs at Fortune 50 companies, and consulting to SMB firms.

CGS Advisors - Innovation Services

Innovation Services

Systemic Innovation: Making 1+1+1= 4. Point innovations are sexy and attract market buzz for a limited time, however Systemic Innovations transform business. 

Innovation as a Service: Turn Key innovation management for a program, a division, or an entire corporation.

Innovation Enterprise Services: Running new technologies and mining information created through innovations in the market.

The concept of Innovation is really quite simple: the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, or society. (Wikipedia) The challenge is really that the context within innovation is to take place, has shifted challenging the common sense of innovation. In a nutshell Innovation itself needs to innovate!

Our services take this shift into account encompassing process, technological, and cultural elements. In the end however awareness of the complexity allows us to attempt to keep innovation services straightforward in a simple process. This innovation components need to cleanly fit inside of a firm’s more general product/service/business lifecycle.

Innovation Lifecycle