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Who we serve

Brave leaders who look to overcome inertia and transform their firm to compete in the connecting world.

This results in working for and with:

  • Corporate Leaders: CxOs
  • Functional Leaders: VPs and Department Heads
  • Emerging Leaders: Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs throughout corporations
What we do

We help leaders prepare for and run the”first mile” of transformation. This includes:

  • Understanding industry disruption
  • Defining strategies (Corp, Business, and Functional)
  • Assessing critical capabilities (invest, divest)
  • Removing inertia
  • Managing the transformation journey
Who we are

We are passionate practitioners who surround ourselves with really bright and energetic people and partners.

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How to get started

Sound interesting, but not sure exactly how you would approach your transformation?

Call us or email us. We love this stuff, and would love to learn more about your passion.

Author Hour

Charlie Hoen, host of the Author Hour podcast interviews Gregg Garrett & Warren Ritchie about their book, Competing in the Connecting World.  The free ranging interview covers many of the topics in the book providing listeners insights from some of our most senior advisors.