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Connected Services

Our world is changing, becoming connected, and the way we compete in it must change too. Technological innovations are permeating traditional products, new value chains are forming, product companies are becoming service companies, and the digital native is supporting a new class of consumer, the “connected consumer”.

The speed of this revolution has picked up over the last few years, and the opportunity for many in this newly formed value chain is great. It does however leave many questions unanswered, and the need for change ever-increasing.

CGS draws upon the experience of its team, and its partners, to help make sense of this rapidly changing space. Our approach is broad-based as we see these changes as systemic for most players in the value chain. We absolutely don’t see “connectivity” as a nice to have “feature”, but rather a strategic underpinning of how companies will compete in the connected economy.  We arrange our advisory services into 4 interlaced areas:

Our Connected Advisory Services

Plan how the connected economy will affect your core market.  This is not a technological discussion, but is an informed process that  centers around your core customer (B2B or B2C).

What was once a closed system, now involves new partners from adjacent industries, and within your own firm.  Understand what industry players exist, and which ones are right for you to bet your business on.

The connected customer changes everything.  CRM/Call centers now need real-time information about the product, IT is no longer a back-office function, engineering has to coordinate with all the departments.  This is a change program, it needs to be managed.

These new services/products require a different type of management.  The business context combines traditional product and services experiences.

Our perspectives have been influenced from our time in the IT, telecommunication, and product industries, and some of our advisors have been studying and working in this space since 1998.  It is time to encourage the connected market to become a reality, and our hope is that our experiences can help your firms do just that.