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Author: Quinne

Finding Balance in Advice (WSG Jake Sigal) – EP 162

Jake Sigal, a serial entrepreneur and tech business investor, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss managing the barrage of advice – often unsolicited – that can come from all directions. Jake also shares his “Top 3”: Brad Hoos, who is artful in being brutally honest; Trevor Pawl, an adamant community builder; and Dave Fry, who […]

Delivering on Vision (WSG Chase Kushak) – EP 158

Chase Kushak, President of Blake’s Hard Cider Co. and Partner in Gypsy Spirits, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss Chase’s niche in helping visionary entrepreneurs scale their enterprises and the overall importance of integrators. Chase shares his “Top 3”: Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers at Founders Brewing Co.; Michael Kazanowski and Adam Kazanowski at Gypsy […]

“You, Me, and Your Top Three” Year in Review

2023 was a remarkable year for You, Me, and Your Top Three, filled with enlightening conversations, fascinating insights, and energizing moments shared with our diverse and talented guests. This post is a celebration of those experiences, a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the individuals who shared their leadership journeys with us, and a sincere acknowledgment of […]

Cherish the Moments (WSG Pierre Boutin) – EP 157

Pierre Boutin – President & CEO of Volkswagen Group Ireland and former President & CEO of Volkswagen Group Canada – joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss the difference between building ecosystems and building organizations. Pierre shares his “Top 3”: Ted Charlton, who is equal parts boat-builder and sailor; Cyril Chatelet, a journey mate in the […]

Control the Minutes (WSG Christian Oswald) – EP 156

Christian Oswald, CEO of Rainf4ll, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss the importance of words, listening, and communication during times of transformation. Christian shares his “Top 3”: Mark Wales, who taught him leadership lessons; his children, who allowed him to understand better how early life digital experiences shape usage patterns; and Jen Bailin, who is […]

Building the Industrial Carnival (WSG Bruce Smith) – Ep 155

Bruce Smith, majority shareholder, Chairman, and CEO of Detroit Manufacturing Systems, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss how the connected world rewards speed and flexibility. Bruce shares his “Top 3”: Ben Meachem, who blends an understanding of people and clarity of problems to lead; Kristy McDonald, who understands the dynamics between leaders; Scott Cieslak, who […]