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CGS Advisors Achieves 2014 Right Workplace Certification

CGS Advisors is proud to announce that we have recently achieved 2014 Right Workplace Certification awarded by Right Workplace, LLC.  To achieve certification, CGS Advisors employees participated in an anonymous survey that assessed the extent to which they felt: 1) their voice truly matters, 2) they can trust and respect their leader, and 3) their co-workers want them to […]

“Connected” vs. “The World”

We are in the midst of an era of connectivity that is driving “connected business”.  While the premise of connecting products isn’t necessarily new, how organizations posture to compete in a world of increased connectivity is.  This month Gregg Garrett, argues that organizations need to look towards centralizing individuals focused on wrestling with the impact that […]

Will a Connected Fund Pivot Firms?

As connectivity changes business and market paradigms new and established firms need to innovate and navigate their businesses through this new market force.  This innovation can be an intra-firm activity fueled by R&D and employee ideation or it can become an inter-firm activity where cross-industry consortiums and venture capital are used to navigate this new […]

What’s Not in Connected Strategies?

As products are becoming more connected there’s a tendency for firms to narrowly focus their product architectures and connected strategies on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Yet, firms are missing a key view: the customer experience. Our position is that M2M isn’t about machine-to-machine communications – it’s about redefining a business, an industry, and a customer’s way […]

CGS Releases New Whitepaper on Connected Automotive Economics

CGS Advisors is proud to release our most recent Industry Insights on Connected Automotive Economics.  This whitepaper, sponsored by Covisint, explains why automotive OEMs must adopt pricing models which align to the real economics of being connected. Key Themes: The public has high expectations for the connected vehicle. Automotive consumers want to pay for connected […]

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