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About Us

Our ‘Why’ – Disruption is around us

We envision a truly Connected World. An ecosystem that is frictionless, where products and services work seamlessly with and for people, where technology blends into the environment and becomes almost invisible, maximizing value for mankind.

Our Mission

CGS Advisors is a boutique strategic transformation advisory and consulting firm. We recognize how emerging connected technologies are disrupting industries and society. We assist our clients’ leaders to bravely embrace and execute necessary enterprise transformation to compete in the Connected World.

Our Values

CGS was founded with the focus to help enterprise leaders bravely prepare for industry disruption by cutting through the noise of buzzwords to define unique and innovative paths to growth. Our experience confirms: the best strategies mean nothing if they are not implemented by motivated people, the most complex systems to innovate are the ones that touch people, and the center of the connected world is still very human. Our values define how we compete for business as well as how we compete for the top resources. We are:

  • Believers that the connected future is bright, and people want to overcome inertia to be part of it.
  • Brave transformational advisors that respectfully tell the truth & challenge the status quo.
  • Passionate about solving complex and meaningful problems.
  • A Get Sh*t Done (GSD) team that helps our clients make dreams a reality.
  • Partners in imagining the path AND assisting our clients to run the first mile.

Our Vision for the Future of Our Firm