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Finding Balance in Advice (WSG Jake Sigal) – EP 162

Jake Sigal, a serial entrepreneur and tech business investor, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss managing the barrage of advice – often unsolicited – that can come from all directions. Jake also shares his “Top 3”: Brad Hoos, who is artful in being brutally honest; Trevor Pawl, an adamant community builder; and Dave Fry, who has been there, and done that. And you have to hear what he says about the Say/Do Ratio.


During this episode:

(00:00) Introduction

(1:02) “Do for” vs. “do with”

(3:45) Managing advice well

(6:49) Meet Jake

The “Top Three”:

(9:40) Brad Hoos: Is artful in being brutally honest

(17:16) Trevor Pawl: An adamant community builder

(23:51) Dave Fry: Someone who has been there, and done that

Other Points of Interest:

(34:04) Recent work and organization exits

(37:33) Midwest grit

(40:41) Automotive mobility disruption pay-off

You Have to Hear This:

(47:00) The Say/Do Ratio


Jake Sigal: LinkedIn | FM Capital

Gregg Garrett: LinkedIn | Twitter | About

CGS Advisors: Website | LinkedIn


Jake is a Detroit-based serial tech entrepreneur working where consumer experience meets the automotive and mobility industries. He serves on several industry and philanthropic boards and is passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves. Jake was the founder and CEO of Livio and Tome, which were acquired by Ford and Valtech. He’s an avid skier and cyclist.

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