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Leadership and the Law of Entrainment (WSG Suzy Siegle) – EP 160

Suzy Siegle, Ed.D., J.D., President of Walsh College, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss numerous leadership lessons and the Law of Entrainment. Suzy shares her “Top 3” which include God, her husband David, her entire leadership team at Walsh, and a couple of external leaders who help to stretch her thinking. And you have to hear what she says about discipline equaling freedom.


During this episode:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:25) What humans can learn from AI

(05:00) Meet Suzy

The “Top Three”:

(06:40) God: The foundation of Suzy’s guidance, bravery, and leadership

(09:10) Suzy’s husband, David Siegle: Betters Suzy in her day-to-day

(14:02) Walsh Leadership Team – Dave, Tom, Shannon, Jaclyn, Jen, Erik, Mike, and Dan: Support a Prism of Leadership approach

(19:10) Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program: helps Suzy recognize blindspots and enhance her leadership

(20:23) Ed Mylett and Brendon Burchard: share their own success path with listeners

Other Points of Interest:

(23:55) About Walsh College

(26:27) The Law of Entrainment

(30:45) Placing bets around AI and increasing accessibility for learners

(37:03) Walsh Leadership Academy

You Have to Hear This:

(39:00) Discipline equals freedom


Suzy Siegle: LinkedIn | Authored Books (100% of proceeds go to Walsh College) | Locus Mindset Leadership Training

Walsh College: Website | Walsh Leadership Academy 

Gregg Garrett: LinkedIn | Twitter | About

CGS Advisors: Website | LinkedIn


Dr. Suzy Siegle is a licensed attorney, educator, and Walsh College’s Chief Champion, currently serving as their Ninth President and CEO.  She holds a bachelor’s degree, a master of business administration, a juris doctor, and a doctorate in higher education leadership and management, where her dissertation focused on innovative and entrepreneurial operating models in 21st century higher education.  Her research focuses on locus of control psychology especially as it pertains to helping high performing leaders and entrepreneurs. 

She is the author of the books: Locus: Take Control and Change the Direction of Your Life, The THRIVE Journal: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Create and Accomplish Your Goals, Chief Energy Officer: the #newCEO: How high-performing leaders manage people, pressure, and profit to build thriving organizations, and Quantum Lead: How Visionary Leaders harness a hidden energy to create massive breakthroughs, accelerate growth and transform organizations (anticipated 2024).

Suzy is a certified executive coach through the center for executive coaching, a SHRM certified professional (SHRM-CP), and has earned advanced certifications in neuroscience and brain health, the neuroscience of learning and development, and consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing through Copenhagen University.

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