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Control the Minutes (WSG Christian Oswald) – EP 156

Christian Oswald, CEO of Rainf4ll, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss the importance of words, listening, and communication during times of transformation. Christian shares his “Top 3”: Mark Wales, who taught him leadership lessons; his children, who allowed him to understand better how early life digital experiences shape usage patterns; and Jen Bailin, who is an expert in crafting “mongrel teams”. And you have to hear what he says about being voluntold.


During this episode:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:15) Consistency and controlling the minutes

(05:37) Meet Christian

The “Top Three”:

(12:37) Mark Wales: taught Christian leadership lessons

(28:35) Christian’s children: allowed Christian to understand better how early life digital experiences shape usage patterns

(45:30) Jen Bailin: an expert in crafting “mongrel teams”

Other Points of Interest:

(51:55) Current Rainf4ll Projects

You Have to Hear This:

(57:15) On being voluntold


Christian Oswald: LinkedIn

Rainf4ll: Website | LinkedIn

Gregg Garrett: LinkedIn | Twitter | About

CGS Advisors: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter


Originating from Australia, Christian Oswald is the CEO of Rainfall, a pioneering tech startup bridging the gap between physical items and the digital realm (Rainf4ll.com). His journey also includes co-founding a luxury fashion brand (killkapture.com), the birthplace of Rainfall’s concept, particularly in the fight against counterfeits.

With a diverse career spanning over 25 years, Christian has been involved in multiple startups, as well as holding roles in major Fortune 50 tech giants like Cisco, Salesforce, and Twilio. Additionally, he is a proud war veteran, having served during the 1999-2003 period. His experiences have shaped a unique perspective on technology, business, and innovation, driving him to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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