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It’s a Small World After All (wsg Erik Walenza) – EP 144

Erik Walenza, CEO of IoT One and host of The Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast, joins host Gregg Garrett in this special dual podcast to discuss how global and multi-national firms are competing in the Chinese market. Of course, Erik speaks about his Top 3: his wife, his business partners: Chun Liew and Michael Maeder, who taught him how to build relationships and processes, and his community. And you have to hear what he has to say about local for local strategy.

About Erik Walenza

Erik Walenza has worked in China for 11 years and he is an active member of the Chinese innovation ecosystem. He is passionate about exploring the impact of digitalization in businesses, and through his position as Chair of the Technology and Innovation Committee in China he plays an active role in the exchange of best practices for innovation strategy and tech trends evolution in Asia, but also worldwide. Erik has interviewed over 100 CEOs and venture capitalists while building one of Shanghai’s largest entrepreneur networks.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

Introduction [0:00]

Importance of Connecting People [0:55]

Introduction to Erik and the dual podcast [3:18]

Gregg’s background and the creation of CGS [4:06]

Erik’s background and current work [5:20]

The similarities and differences of CGS and IoT One [10:30]

The “Top Three”

His wife [12:30]

His work colleagues [15:25]

His communities [17:52]

You have to hear this…

Local for local strategy [20:06]

CGS’s IoT Collaboration [26:10]

Getting the Right People around the Table [33:40]

Operating Leaders [38:50]

Put Believers with Believers [43:00]

Participating in the I4.0 Orchestration Collaborative [49:00]

Additional Information

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