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Treat Yourself (wsg David Callado) – EP 142

TREAT YOURSELF | David Collado, President of Happy Howie’s, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss defining your own path. Of course, David speaks about his Top 3, including his business partner, Stan, and members of his leadership team: Harold, Kathleen, Douglas, and Wayne. And you have to hear what he has to say about his journey from accountant to food producer.


David Collado serves as President of Happy Howie’s, Inc., a Detroit company that produces all-natural dog treats. When David joined the struggling business in 2011, he turned the company around and reached profitability in eight months. While working at Happy Howie’s, David has a larger goal of helping transform his community. Approximately ten percent of Happy Howie’s team members are “returning citizens” from the criminal justice system. He would like to see Happy Howie’s grow into a staple of Detroit. David received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Grand Valley State University.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

Defining Your Journey [0:00]

Introduction to David [6:00]

The “Top Three”

Business partner, Stan [8:30]

Members of his leadership team [16:25]

                Kathleen [17:10]

                Doug [19:32]

                Wayne [23:32]

                Harold [27:50]

You have to hear this…

Diving into the Pet Industry – Personalization, Allergies [32:40]

Following Human Food Industry [36:10]

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