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Criss Cross the Desert (wsg Dr. Lara Ramdin)

LARA RAMDIN, Chief Innovation Officer at Dole, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss the paths to careers in innovation. As a seasoned innovator in multiple industries, Lara also highlights how she has found a passion for tackling innovative solutions to battle food deserts. Of course, Lara speaks about her Top 3, including her former colleagues and bosses who saw things in her that she didn’t recognize herself, a college roommate turned educator that helped her recognize bravery, and a ride-or-die group of women who each instill a different and needed innovation trait. Namely, these women help Lara in Taking Action, Being Pragmatic, and Kicking Glass Ceilings out of the way. And you have to hear what Lara has to say about the relationship between science and innovation.


Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer at Dole Sunshine Company, has an extensive global track record in R&D, product development and innovation. Ramdin is a fierce advocate for young women in STEM which she exercises through her mentor roles in both The Girls’ Network and 1MMentors organizations and as Sponsorship Director and board member for the not-for-profit organization Irish Film London.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

Teaser [0:00-0:58]

What Makes a Great Innovation Member [1:01-4:50]

Look at the Edge for Innovators [4:50-6:57]

Introduction of Dr. Lara Ramdin [6:57-9:40]

The “Top Three”

First Mentor, Jueren Kellhosts and His Teaching of Storytelling with Science [10:00-16:55]

Former Boss, Kia [17:10-21:10]

College Roommate (Mary) & Ride-or-Women (Laurie, Amy, and Sara) [21:10-29:08]

Lara, the Chief Innovation Officer [29:08-31:11]

Last Boss [31:11-32:00]

What they See in Lara: Creativity and Science [32:00-33:15]

You have to hear this…

Motivational Leadership [33:57-35:17]

Link Between Science and Innovation [35:18-40:17]

The DOLE Promise [40:17- 43:15]

Innovating Against Food Deserts & Tim Specter’s Spoon-Fed [43:24-47:30]

The Future of Food: BlockChain, 3D Printing Food, and Personalized Food [47:36-52:30]

How to Make innovation work regardless of industry [52:38-54:30]

Lara’s Hack to being a Brave Leader [56:20-57:57]

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