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A Floral Disruptor (wsg Kalin Sheick) – EP 132

Kalin Sheick, owner of Sweetwater Floral, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss the $57B floral industry and how she breaks all the rules of the industry. Kalin highlights how she brings her knowledge from the media and entertainment industry to florals. Of course, Kalin speaks about her Top 3, including her husband, Matt, who has taught her about the long game of transformation, her father, Rick, who has instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in her, and her kids, George and May, who keep her humble as her business continues to expand. And you have to hear what she has to say about the future of the flower industry as part of the gig economy and how brides will one day create their own floral arrangements.

About KALIN Sheick

Kalin Sheick is a former television reporter turned flower entrepreneur. Owner of Sweetwater Floral, the Michigan based event studio has three locations and flowers for nearly 100 weddings annually. On top of a blooming event side, Kalin focuses a major part of her time in getting people to experience flowers however they are able to. Sweetwater ships DIY flower design kits across the country, hosts in person and virtual workshops & once a year turns into a Wreath Machine, teaching thousands of people how to make holiday wreaths with a variety of offerings. When she’s not designing flowers or cooking soup Kalin can be found spending time with her business partner and husband Matt, their kids, dogs & working on building her dream flower studio.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

The emergence of digital type technologies [0:58]

The importance of data facilities and machine learning [2:40]

Welcoming, Kalin Sheick (link) [7:22]

Starting in the Floral Industry [9:45]

Transitioning due to Covid-19 Pandemic [12:01]

Transforming Business into Pillars [13:24]

The “Top Three”

Her husband, Matthew, who is a high school athletic director [15:09]

Her father, Rick, who taught her about relationship building in entrepreneurship [19:22]

Her kids, George and May [24:44]

The Long Game [28:55]

The Secret Sauce [31:06]

Natural Skills [33:45]

Documenting Our Life [35:40]

The Disruptor [37:00]

My Team [38:05]

You have to hear this…

The floral industry boom [39:15]

The gig economy [44:10]

Done is better than perfect [50:15]

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