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State of Risk and Trust (wsg Steve Fleischmann) – EP 123

State of Risk and Trust | Steve Fleischmann, Preempt Risk, joins host Gregg Garrett for a discussion on managing risk in complex ecosystems in support of profitable growth. Of course, Steve shares his Top Three who include an academic mentor who recruited him to study why civil wars occur, especially in the light of global terrorism, a direct report who is an expert diplomat who understands scale and the power of controlling the narrative, and the former CFO of a major U.S.-based energy company who understands the linkages of risk and trust. And you have to hear what he has to say about truly being brave.

About Steve Fleischmann

Dr. Steven Fleischmann – Strategic Advisor: International Security; Risk and Development

Dr. Fleischmann has over twenty years of experience as a global expert in risk across a broad range of areas including: global energy markets, national and international intelligence and security strategy and diplomacy, and strategic technologies. 

Dr. Fleischmann has been a principal in several global ventures in the technology and financial sectors, led a business intelligence team at a global Fortune 500 energy company, and advised investors and companies on issues related to direct investment, sovereign risk, infrastructure development and investment, and risk mitigation.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

Innovation at the fringe is built on trust [1:13]

Innovation is now a “team sport” [3:20]

Welcoming our guest, Steve Fleischmann [7:51]

Protecting against risk [10:30]

Working at the core of the world’s infrastructure – energy [13:35]

Defining risk management [16:08]

Managing currency risk [19:16]

The “Top Three”

Phillip Rieff: identifying how authority works [20:45]

Destruction of trust: Is the next civil war upon us? [26:48]

Allen Locke: if something is framed correctly, it can change history [31:12]

Scale building in the digital age [35:13]

Al Wright: the linkage of risk and trust [42:40]

In a time of transition or change, you must grab on to trust [47:56]

You have to hear this…

The barriers to entry are lowering for core services [51:31]

Working in the investment industries – building capacity that will stay [57:48]

Acknowledge that none of us are brave [1:04:51]

Stay in touch with Steve [1:06:07]

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