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Work Hard and Be Kind (wsg Jerry Cox) – EP 85

In this episode, Gregg speaks with Jerry Cox, a 95-year-old entrepreneur who has lived at least three careers over his lifetime. From serving in world war II, to attending MIT, and then moving into the medical device industry, the digital networking industry, and now the cybersecurity industry, Jerry has taken the world by storm. Of course Gregg and Jerry explore his ‘top three’ from Hallowell Davis, who changed the world for kids that were born deaf, to Wesley Clark, who invented the personal computer, to Bill Danforth who reshaped Washington University and become a national research juggernaut. Jerry also speaks about some of the companies he’s been starting during the Twilight of his career, which are reshaping industry after industry. And you have to hear what he has to say about how you can have breakthrough moments. All this and more!

About Jerry Cox

Jerry Cox is the Founder and President of Q-Net Security, a Quantum networking hardware-based cybersecurity company. He is also the founder and former chair of Washington University’s computer science department. Prior to founding Q-Net, Jerry worked on various startups including venture backed Growth Networks which was sold to Cisco. Jerry lives in St. Louis and has a PHD in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Show Highlights

Segment 1: Overview & Introductions

2:05      Learning from Elders

3:03      Lessons of living through turmoil: sticking to your principles

6:46      Introducing Jerry Cox

7:36      Don’t be afraid of adventure

9:23      Pushing through personal tragedy

10:55   Involvement in WW2

15:59   Moving to the CID (Central Institute of the Deaf)

Segment 2: The Top Three

15:59   Jerry’s ‘Top Three’ starts with Hallowell Davis

19:43   Working with the Navy in Guantanamo Bay

23:36   Learning how to measure hearing in infants

28:34   Work Hard, Be Kind: Jerry’s License Plate

30:52   Jerry Continues his ‘Top Three’ with Wesley Clark

32:31   Getting the LINC to come to St. Louis

36:29   Wes Clark: the man that made the computer personal

39:01   Working with Mike Phelps to help create the PET scan

42:31   Jerry wraps up his ‘Top Three” with Bill Danforth

44:14   Cheerleading: A look into Bill’s leadership style

45:56   Retiring from Washington University

Segment 3: Life after Academia

50:28   Starting Growth Networks

52:55   After Growth Networks: learning from failures

56:47   Hard-sec and trends in the cybersecurity space

1:00:20: Standing for what you think is the right decision

Section 4: Wrapping Up

1:03:13: Parting lesson: Work Hard, Be Kind

1:06:42: Stay in touch with Jerry at jcox@blendics.com

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