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CGS Advisors on “IT in the D”

RIMAGE - Russell Industrail Centerecently, CGS Advisors CEO, Gregg Garrett, was a guest on the IT in the D show (@ITintheD).  The show was a great opportunity to participate in something truly unique in Detroit.

Hosted at a professional grade studio in an industrial relic (the Russell Industrial Center) is a little different, and that’s just what makes Detroit special these days.  The venue provides a perfect setting for a show that’s part technology, part Detroit culture, and all kinds of geek fun.

During this episode, conversation lead to discussions about the disruptive force that is the connected world, and Detroit’s unique positioning in it.  Additionally, we also got to hear from Tim Aten (@TimothyAten) from General Motors, discuss where SEO is going and how it continues to evolve.

The show is a long format and Gregg starts in around 20 minutes in with conversation on CGS, Internet of Things (IoT), Detroit’s opportunities and challenges in the changing economy, and where the market is going.

Listen here to the full episode on Soundcloud or download it here on iTunes.