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Are We Readying Our Workforce for the “Connected World”?

The most recent copy of Specialty Publication’s Connected World Magazine is on newsstands, available for download on your mobile device, and through their website.   This month Gregg Garrett, discusses in his standing column that leaders of “connected” groups need to pay more attention to how we are preparing our workforce for jobs in the connected economy, and influence educators to do just that.

He exposes the fact that many traditional education programs are not accurately preparing the next generation to step into careers in connected companies.  It is argued that we ensure that courses are being tuned to speak towards the unique challenge of designing, making, marketing, selling, and servicing connected products and experiences.

Read the whole article here:  http://connectedworld.com/who-will-steer-the-connected-ship/

At CGS we are lucky to work with companies that appreciate that “connectivity” is a megatrend that is not only affecting their product architecture, but their corporate and business strategies.  We love to partner with our clients to help define and implement these strategies and assist them in their transformation.