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Your Customers Are Connected – Are You?

Your Customer Is Connected, Are You?We have recently released a whitepaper that summarizes high-level findings from a proprietary research study conducted with new vehicle buyers in early 2013. Participants were asked to confirm their awareness of current Connected Vehicle (CV) offerings, and to identify their expectations for, and perceptions of, various future services. It was conducted by CGS Advisors with a random sample of consumers in the United States that acquired new vehicles within the past 24 months. Covisint Corporation, a leading provider of Automotive Connectivity Solutions, sponsored the research study.

Key Findings:

  • The American car buyer expects dramatic growth in the ability of cars to connect and demand is reaching a “tipping point”  for connected vehicle services.
  • Users of future connected vehicles have expectations based upon their experiences primarily built around non-automotive connected devices (tied mostly to high tech and consumer electronics).
  • Automotive OEMs that reframe their thinking and place the connected consumer in the center of their strategy are more likely to succeed.
  • Automotive OEMs’ CRM practices must expand their thinking to include the connected vehicle as the ultimate touch point.
  • Success will rest on the effectiveness of the partnerships for technical integration platforms to manage unprecedented levels of user, vehicle, and third party data.

Download the full report from the sponsors website here:  http://offers.covisint.com/AutomotiveCGSAdvisersWhitePaper_Download.html