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Can Connected Be The Strategy

Over the last few months we have been researching, analyzing, and most recently advising clients on how the connected era is driving strategic shifts in many industries.  As we continue to refine our analysis, we have started to make parts of it public.

First, directed to the automotive industry,  we conducted a Webinar with Automotive News in December, 2012 that outlined how connectivity is way more than a feature, and has significant Corporate Strategy ramifications.

We then wrote a piece in Connected World Magazine that drew on some of these same themes, but expanded to the general product industries.  (You can read this article online if you can’t find the magazine on your newsstand   http://connectedworld.com/can-connected-be-the-strategy/)

We are currently finishing a series of whitepapers that draw on this same topic, and discuss how this strategic shift is being viewed by consumers, and what major brands need to recognize about facing these consumers, pricing the services, and how they may need to adjust corporate structure to better react.  (Stay tuned for more about that in the near future.)

In the meantime, what do you think,  Can connected actually be a big part of a corporate strategy?

No regrets!