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Would the Chief Connected Officer Please Stand Up?

Are you a believer? An early adopter? A visionary?

Do you see the world connecting around you? As IBM says, the planet is getting “smarter”? Can you see your life becoming one big system vs. that of many independent sub systems?

We believe yes, and if you do too, then you are starting to live “connected”. It is not an easy life at this stage as the integration is messy, and a lot of the burden is falling on the individual.

As companies are looking to play their role in this connected space, they too are struggling to manage this transition. Most of them have several connected programs running in parallel. Some of them don’t even recognize that their disparate programs are parts of a larger movement. Often they are known as:

  • Next generation workplace (Connected Employees)
  • Smart Products (Connected Products)
  • Social Media (front end of Connected Consumer – See earlier blog here.)
  • Retail 2.0 (Connected Retail)
  • Next Generation IT (Connected Technologies like big data analytics, Ux standards, etc.)

The reality is all of these separate programs are parts of a firm’s Connected Strategy. Most companies however have different leaders in place for each of these programs, making the need for an eventual integration a certainty.

What is your company doing? Do they have a Chief Connected Officer? Read our thoughts on where you should look for one in the most recent copy of Connected World Magazine, or take a look online here.

Regardless of the state of your connected programs. Keep believing, and keep driving change.

No regrets!