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Social Media is Just the First Step

Earlier this year we agreed to write a standing column in Connected World Magazine dedicated to exploring how the emerging connected world is beginning to demand the attention of the C-level executives in established companies. For any of you that have been following our posts here, you know we are convinced that we are the cusp of another massive change to the IT industry. We also believe that this change will cascade to other adjacent industries that use/consume/are effected by IT. Like the internet did in the 1990s, the connected world (including the “Internet of things”) is beginning to demand structural changes to realize emerging strategies in this new environment.

The July edition just released and should be on the newsstands soon.

In this article we outlined a major evolution of the consumer that we have been keeping an eye on for sometime. Take a peek at our summary model below that outlines this evolution and how some enterprise functions are also going to need to shift (marketing, product design, etc.)

Connected Consumer Evolution

As you will notice, Social Media, although constantly discussed and used by many around the world is only the front edge of a much larger change: The connected era. Social is definitely helping to keep people connected with one another and product and brand interactions are much closer than they have ever been in the past. In the very near future products will begin to be part of this chain directly and disrupt even some of the recent social media innovations.

Inside corporations, marketing and product design/management functions will have to evolve to respect this new ecosystem and the demands of the ever more connected consumer who will be living inside of it.

If you want to dig deeper, read more in the July issue of Connected World Magazine . If you are more into that magazine print in your hands, head on over to Barnes & Noble. They should be on the shelf any day now.

Of course you can stay close to our ideas here at our blog:CGS Advice where we will continue to explore trends we are recognizing in the market. We would love to hear what you think about our observations in the comments section below.

Keep disrupting. No Regrets.